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  • What Are the Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming?
    Yep, we know it is a hassle when it comes to getting your dog groomed. However, we strive to make dog grooming less of a hassle for you. How you ask? Because we come to YOU! That's right we pull up to wherever you are located (whether it be at your home or work or even in a parking lot while you are shopping for more tequila). We can go anywhere because we are fully self-contained, so we come to where you want us. Besides the convenience of the Wuff Mobile pulling right up to you (no more rushing to the salon to drop off and pick up your dog), there are lots of other benefits to mobile dog grooming. Here are just a few: No Transportation Headaches: Gone are the days of packing Fido into the car. NO more car sickness, accidents because of nervousness, getting your vehicle dirty or having your vehicle smell like dirty dog. Shorter Grooming Times: Your dog will get our undivided attention. There is not a moment when your dog is left alone. Because we work on your dog the entire time (no other distractions) grooming your dog won't be an all-day event. Depending on your dog, breed, size and type of service most grooms are usually done under two hours. Less Stressful: It is not uncommon for us to hear that some dogs do not do well in a grooming salon and in some cases are turned away. Quite often we find that dogs do much better in the Wuff Mobile as there is plenty of room, there are no other dogs to distract and your dog is never put in any cage or crate. Reduced Separation Anxiety: We pull right up to you in an environment that is familiar to your dog. Unlike a busy grooming salon, there are no other dogs barking and it is a quiet relaxing environment for your dog. Super Easy for You: Let's not forget about you, the pet parent. We come to your door, take your dog and you can go about doing whatever you need to do without skipping a beat. And remember you can watch the entire groom live on our proprietary camera system. We just scratched the surface with regards to the benefits to mobile dog grooming and getting a visit from the Wuff Mobile. Take a look for yourself what our clients and our pet parents have to say.
  • What Areas Do You Service?
    We perform mobile dog grooming services for San Diego. Want us to come to your home, no problem. Want us to come to your office, no problem. Our vehicle is self-contained so we can even groom Fido in the middle of the desert! Please Note: We are based out of Mission Valley and while we provide services for San Diego, in some cases (and depending on where the groom is being performed), we may need to either: (a) charge a trip charge (typically $25 however could be more depending where you are located); or (b) we may request to keep your information and can provide services once we are able to build a route in your area. The areas that may be subject to the above would be South Bay and parts of East County. San Diego (which includes): Allied Gardens 92120, Bay Park 92110, Clairemont 92117, College Grove 92115, Coronado 92118, Del Cerro 92120, Hillcrest 92103, Serra Mesa 92123, Normal Heights 92116, La Mesa 91941, La Mesa 91942, Lemon Grove 91945, Linda Vista 92111, Hillcrest 92103, Mission Valley 92108, Mira Mesa 92126, North Park 92104, Ocean Beach 92107, Pacific Beach 92109, Point Loma 92106, San Carlos 92119, Tierrasanta 92124, University City 92122, University Heights 92116 South Bay San Diego (which includes): Chula Vista 91910, Chula Vista 91911, Chula Vista 91913, Chula Vista 91914, Chula Vista 91915, National City 91950, Bonita 91902 East County San Diego (which includes): Santee 92071, El Cajon 92019, El Cajon 92020, El Cajon 92021, Spring Valley 91977, Spring Valley 91978
  • How Does it Work, Do You Need to Hook-Up to My Water or Electricity?
    Nope we have fully self-contained vehicle. That means we have our own water and produce our own electricity. This allow us to groom your dog virtually anywhere!
  • How Do You Charge?
    We have made it very simple for you. We charge by the weight of your dog. All you have to do is determine which catelgory your falls into (see the category chart) and let us know which package is best for you. You can pick from one of our dog grooming packages (such as a Basic Grooming Package or a Groom and StylingPackage) depending on what your dog needs. Please Note: We do not come out for just an add-on or ancillary service (such as: a nail trimming, a teeth cleaning, a sanitary service, etc.). Our minimum to come out must include a bathing service.
  • What if There is Something I Want Done That is Not Included in a Package?
    We have tried to make our dog grooming packages a comprehensive as possible taking into consideration that some pet parents may want more or less done for their dog. However, if there is a service that you want done and it is not in one of the grooming packages you have chosen, no problem. More than likely that service is listed as an Add-On Service. And if by chance there is a grooming service you want performed on your dog that is not included in one of our signature grooming packages or add-on services, then let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you!
  • Can I Be With My Dog During the Grooming Process?
    Unfortunatley due to insurance requirements, you are not allowed in our wuff mobile. However you can watch the entire groom from the comfort of your living room. That's right you can watch the whole groom from start-to-finish with our proprietary camera system. You will be able to see exactly what is going on without your dog even knowing it! *Please Note: if you are buried deep within an apartment complex, condo complex or an office building you may not get the reception needed to watch the groom on our super awesome camera system.
  • Can I Watch My Dog Being Groomed?
    Yep you sure can. You can watch the whole groom from start-to-finish on our proprietary camera system. We take the mystery out of what happens to your pet while being groomed.
  • Do You Use Cages?
    That's not just a no, that is a hell no. Your pet will never be in any type of cage. Our grooming techniques are so efficient, for the entire time your pet will be coddled in our loving hands.
  • Can You De-Shed and De-Mat My Dog?
    Yep sure can. We provide de-shedding and de-matting services using our propriety methods and processes. Since de-shedding and de-matting is not necessary for all breeds, this service is extra (see our pricing page for further details). However it is important to understand that if it determined that de-matting will cause too much pain or anxiety for your dog, then your dog may need to shaved down or referred to your veterinarian for futher evaluation.
  • Does My Dog Need a Sanitary Trim?
    You can choose not to have us perform a sanitary trim on your dog. However we highly recommend a sanitary trim each time you get your dog groomed for health reasons. If you do not get regular sanitary trims your dog may be more prone to infections and urinary tract infections.
  • Why is it Not Good for My Dog to be Matted?
    It is not unusual that there may be a couple of mats in your dog's coat. It is important that you regularly comb and brush your dog to prevent mats from happening. We will do our best to de-mat your dog. De-matting damages the skin and can be painful for a dog because it is equivalent to pulling gum out of long hair (ouch). If we are unable to successfully remove the mats from your dog's coat, then it may result in shaving down your dog.
  • Will My Dog be Muzzled During the Grooming?
    It is very rare. We always try working with your dog first. However if your dog is overly aggressive, biting or nipping then for the safety of our groomers we may need to put your dog in a muzzle. If you know that your dog is aggresive then please let us know. Just like you do not like surprises, neither do we.
  • Is it Okay to Feed My Dog Before Grooming?
    NO. It is best not to feed your pet two hours prior your grooming appointment. If your pet is overly anxious or nervous then more than likely your pet will vomit or have the shits. Not good for us and not good for you because you will be responsible for a sanitary cleanup fee.
  • Why Does Mobile Dog Grooming Cost More Than at a Traditional Salon?
    We understand that costs for mobile dog grooming is more than if you just went into a dog grooming salon. Some of the reasons for the higher costs of mobile dog grooming are because we: provide a private one-on-one grooming experience with your dog; provide the convenience of coming direclty to you; provide a stress-free environment for your dog in case your dog is nervous around other dogs; provide immediate services, therefore your dog is never in any type of cage; and you do not have to worry about balancing your time to drop off and pick up your dog. Besides these advantages, the additional costs can also be attributed to our travel time and what it takes to bring a fully self-contained dog grooming unit to your doorstep.
  • How Long Will It Take You to Groom My Dog?
    Timimg will depend on your dog's size, temperament, coat condition, hair length and type of services you request to be done. For any of our Basic Grooming Packages timing could be anywhere from one to two hours. For any of our Grooming and Styling Packages timing could be anywhere from one to three hours.
  • How Long Should It Be Between Grooms?
    We recommend it should be no longer than six weeks between grooms. It is recommended for dogs requiring routine grooming that such dogs are on a regular four to six week grooming schedule. Anything longer than six weeks can be problematic because more than likely your dog's coat will beocme unmanagable for you to keep up with which could lead to excessive matting.
  • Will You Groom Dogs That Have Been Sedated?
    No unfortunately we do not perform services for dogs that have been sedated. Coming off sedation can lead your dog to be confused and possibly aggresive. We provide a peaceful, relaxing grooming experience for your dog inside our customized wuff mobile. However, if your dog is too anxious or nervous for grooming and requires sedation, then your dog will need to be groomed under the supervision of a veterinarian.
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