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Wuff Mobile About Us

The Raise The Wuff Story

How We Got Started

We live a busy life and like everyone we like to think we do our best balancing our days to knock out what must get done. Yep, its a constant struggle during the week juggling between what has to get done and what can wait. There never seems to be enough time. And then there is dog grooming, nope did not make it on the list this week so we will shoot for next week (or so you say to yourself to feel better). In the meantime Fido is smelling like something awful.


So who is going to give Fido a bath? Is it time for a dog grooming appointment? Who has the time to load up the dog, take the dog to the groomer and then make sure you are around a couple hours later to pick the dog up? Definitely do not want the dog staying at the groomers in some cage while you struggle to get back to the dog grooming shop. Yep that was us, so we had the bright idea of calling a mobile dog groomer. We quickly found out that there was not a whole lot of mobile dog groomers to choose from. We called, got an appointment and figured we were set thinking we can now put dog grooming on auto pilot.


storybook once upon a time

We were wrong! Soon we experienced missed appointments and if they did show up the groom was ridiculously quick. When we think we found a mobile dog groomer, that actually knew what they were doing, we never saw them again. The company sent out someone else. Problem was that most of these times the groomers they sent to us did not do a good job. In some instances when our dog was done it looked like he was given a hack job and to make matters even worse my dogs paws were all cut and bleeding!


That was it. After experiencing no show appointments, groomers who performed hack jobs on our dog and cycling through all kinds of different groomers; I figured it was time for things to change. And so I started grooming our dog. Yep, you guessed it, took advantage of what resources were available to me, bought all the equipment and started to learn the skill. Soon I had people complementing how great my pet looked and wanted the name of our dog groomer. Made me think, maybe I should save other people the same hassles and frustrations and start my own mobile dog grooming business. So I enrolled in a dog grooming academy and diligently attended for months, taking time off from my then current job, to hone my skills and get certified (because I believe if you are going to do something then you do it right from the start) and the rest is history.

Mission Statement

mission on compass

To treat every dog as if it were my dog. Sounds kind of corny, but honestly I do not have any other way of saying it.


We strive to exceed your expectations. Our mantra is to bring accountability & professionalism to the mobile dog grooming industry while providing comprehensive dog grooming services at affordable rates.

Our Promise to You

Treat your dog like I treat my dog, you might ask "what the hell does that mean"? Well, I have been there. I have seen what happens when I turn my over my dog to a groomer only to witness my dog acting strange and scared when the groom was over. And then the dog continues to act nervous when being touched in certain areas around the body or feet.


How do you hold dog groomers accountable? Well, you watch them. While you cannot physically be there to watch your dog being groomed (too distracting), with us you can watch the entire groom via our proprietary camera system. Unlike other mobile dog grooming businesses where your dog disappears into some vehicle and who knows what is happening in there, with Raise The Wuff mobile dog grooming you can see the entire groom from start-to-finish or if you would rather just check in every once in a while to see what is happening. *Please Note: if you are buried deep within an apartment complex, condo complex or an office building you may not get the reception needed to watch the groom on our super awesome camera system.


Our promise to you is that we won't just hire any pet groomer. Nope we hire only the best professional dog groomers in the industry who take pride in their work, love dogs, have calm temperaments and who want nothing more than to make you and your dog love us.

hand and paw our promise to you

About The  Founder

Our Owner Charity

Hi my name is Charity and the owner of Raise The Wuff. Needless to say I have a passion for dogs (I call them cuties). I am not just the owner of Raise The Wuff, but I am also a certified professional dog groomer. I honed my grooming skills and received my certification at the American Grooming Academy. Prior to starting Raise The Wuff, I felt it was imperative to master the skill of dog grooming before offering my services. While I have been grooming for a few years prior to starting this business, I believe that if you are going to do something, then do it right. I did not want to be like some of the other dog grooming companies out there started by someone who learned how to groom by watching videos on the Internet or simply treat dog grooming as a hobby business.  It does not make sense to me how a person can be responsible for training other groomers if such person was never professionally trained in first place (but it happens and as you have read throughout this website I have witnessed this way too many times). Yep, I want you to be comfortable knowing that Raise The Wuff is operated by a professionally trained and certified groomer.

I am a straight shooter and that is how I run my business.  I am honest, transparent and trustworthy, and expect nothing less from any of my employees. I have been in the service industry for decades and find it very rewarding to exceed expectations. Immediately prior to starting Raise The Wuff, I was working for a local termite company for eighteen plus years. I started with them as a technician and by the time I left I was the operator for the business (equivalent to a general manager, however to be an operator in California that means one needs to have been certified at various levels by the state, an operator is the highest level of licensing one get in that industry). My credo is that anything I set out to do, I am committed to taking the time to master it and do it right. 

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