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Clients and testimonials

Raise The Wuff is committed to providing you and your pet the best mobile dog grooming experience possible.  We strive to exceed your expectations.  We groom all types of dog sizes and breeds. See for yourself pictures of some of our most distinguished clients, the different types of dogs we have groomed, some before and after pictures and even a few testimonials from some pet parents.

 a few of our Distinguished clients

our distinguished cavalier king charles
Fred our german shepheard
our shih tzu looks like he comes from star wars
ralph was a bit fiesty during his groom
our cute pomeranian just loved being groomed
golden retriever looking stunning
bernese mountain dog looking sharp
our distinguised grumpy little terrier
Hazel our Saint Bernard
our most attentive blind lhasa apso
Our pomeranian was surprised he looked so good after the groom
Our spotted belly standard poodle
He may be a french bulldog but he does not bark in french
Our cocker spaniel wanted slippers, she is a princess
 Mowglee the Shiba Inu
She is a Beautiful Border Collie
Australian Shephard that Barks Australian
Doberman Pinscher was a Sweatheart
Walter our distinguised collie
Our Most Distinguished Shih Tzu

parent testimonials

"I am so glad they were able to schedule me the next day and was relieved to hear that Charity has experience grooming poodles and in fact she has one herself. She was professional and gentle with our doodle. The communication prior to the arrival was excellent. She arrived on time with a big trailer with its own water and electricity and parked it in front of our house. The trailer looked clean and spotless. It was so cool to watch the whole process live on a web cam from inside our house on the tablet she gave us.  All in all, I had an excellent experience wtih the Wuff Mobile and strongly recommend them!"

                                        Mark B, Carmel Valley

"Charity squeezed me in for an appointment the very next day! She arrived early, updated me on her expected arrival and finish times, and took my fur baby from matted to marvelous! He is extremely soft and fluffy now!"

                                               Lynn D, Sierra Mesa

"We have actually been frustrated for quite a long time unable to find a competent and reliable mobile dog groomer for our dog ralph.  We are thrilled to have found Raise The Wuff. Charity arrived on time, was super friendly and did the best job ever on our little guy.  We are a customer for life!"

                                               Doug V, San Carlos

"Our dog looks fabulous and is so happy to be matt free.  Raise The Wuff Dog Grooming service was excellent all around and we are very pleased with the grooming of our dog.  Kudos to Charity and you bet we will be calling you again for any grooming needs. Thank you so much for your care of our dog!"

                                       Rebel and Carol, La Mesa

"Well, I am a fan.  These guys are great. Super professional and the entire grooming experience was amazing. I am always nervous getting my dog groomed, but no more! Charity was terrific and really cared for my dog. I love the entire experience and the way my dog turned out."

                                              Kim B, Mission Valley

"Raise the Wuff is amazing! As a busy working professional and parent, I am always searching for things that can save time/energy and one thing that takes a very long time in our house is washing the dog. I have the sweetest and most tolerant yellow lab but when we wash her the house smells like wet dog for days and it takes even longer to try and get all of the hair out of the bathtub.

Earlier this week it was very evident that she needed a bath and I decided to do some research and see if there was a mobile option worth exploring. Enter Raise the Wuff. Their name is what drew me in first - it made me laugh out loud and I decided I needed to at least look into them. Their website was thorough, detailed, and very straight forward. Their FAQs are what sealed the deal for me - including that they mentioned they don’t cage animals.

Pricing was very fair, especially since all you have to do is open your front door and pass the leash over to them. They were super communicative and called me almost as soon as I submitted an interest form. They texted me to confirm the night before and when they were on their way to the appointment. Charity was on time and friendly! The coolest part was that they give you a tablet that’s connected to cameras inside their washing trailer so you can see your pup the whole time. My dog has never been professionally groomed (beyond nail clippings/ear cleanings at the vet) and I was curious how she’d do. It took all of about 2 mins for her to plop down and look relaxed on the camera. I didn’t watch the whole time but liked having the option. It also just feels safer overall knowing they’re willing to let you observe at any time via video.

And, my pup is so clean and fluffy and smells delightful! She never looks this good after our DIY baths.

We will most definitely be return customers and recommend Raise the Wuff to anyone who’s considering it. Do yourself and your pup a favor and let the professionals handle it!"

                                            Kelly F,  Bay Ho

"Charity did an excellent job with Watson's spa day. We've had bad hair cuts in the past and she really did a fabulous job with his long hair. The one-on-one attention ensured he was not traumatized like the salons where we had to leave him for 2-4 hours in a cage. The convenience and professionalism was worth every penny!"

                                          Ashley P,  Mission Valley

"Charity was awesome, great with communication, did such a great job with our Cocker Spaniel and he seems very happy as well. We were so happy to get an appointment so quickly (2-3 days) compared to some others. We will definitely be using their services from now on! Thank you so much!"

                                               Bill H, Tierrasanta

"We had the best experience with Charity, the owner of Raise The Wuff. Our yellow lab who is paralyzed from the waist down truly looked like she was having the best spa day ever! We got a tablet that streamed video from her trailer and seeing our dog so comfortable and happy was so wonderful. She looks and smells great. We will certainly be returning customers."

                                       Vanessa P, Kearny Mesa

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before  and after pics

Before and After Lhasa Apso
Before and After Maltese
Before and After Doodle
Before and After Shih Tzu
Before and After Miniture Poodle
Before and After Sheep Dog
Before and After Yorkie
Before and After Maltipoo
Before and After Schnauzer
Before and After Terrier Mix
Before and After Doodle
Before and After Havanese
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