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Mobile Dog Grooming San Diego

YOur Mobile Dog Groomer

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Welcome to Raise The Wuff Mobile   Dog Grooming

Raise The Wuff was created to provide Easy, Convenient and Affordable mobile dog groomingWe found that finding a professional mobile dog groomer in San Diego that actually knows what they are doing was quite a challenge. Not to mention the ones we did find, turns out the vehicles were super old, there were limits on dog size and age, the quality of the groom was nothing spectacular (plus we were never able to really see what they were doing with our dog while in their vehicle) and even after paying for the convenience there never was any consistency with the groomer. Sound familiar?


Raise The Wuff came onto the scene to change the paradigm in mobile dog grooming (learn more about us and who we are, our philosophy, certifications and meet our owner). Speaking of certifications, we are also fear-free grooming certified so you can be rest assured that your dog will be treated with compassion taking into account your dog's emotional and physical well-being. We are mobile pet groomers operating out of fully self-contained and updated trailers. Why a trailer you ask? Easy, way more room for Fido. Our trailers are equipped with the newest technology and plenty of space so your dog does not feel crammed. More space, less stress. We just ask that you make sure there is plenty of room for us to park (a space equivalent to three car lengths) either on your driveway, front of your house or parking lot of where you work if you want to come to where you work to groom your pet. Take a look at the pictures below of the inside of one of our trailers. We are overachievers when it comes to cleanliness!

Welcoming Your Dog to Mobile Dog Grooming

Inside the Wuff Mobile

Usually when you think of mobile dog grooming you think that someone is going to show up in a van or a small trailer. Well we opted to forgo the van and small trailer idea and instead we had a large trailer custom-built which allows for plenty of room.  We figured rather than a cramped space, we would build a state-of-the-art trailer that not only looks sharp but is big enough that even an English Mastiff can spread itself out. Yep, we gave a lot of consideration into what type of vehicle would provide the best experience for you dog. We have nothing to hide, these pictures give you a glimpse at the inside of our trailer that will be used to groom your dog.

Grooming Area
Tub Area

Watch the Entire Groom Live

Pet Groomer Washing Dog
Professional Dog Groomer
Standard Poodle Being Groomed

When you read about us and our philosophy, you will see that with us it is all about holding the groomer accountable. How do you hold a dog groomer accountable? Watch them. While you cannot physically be in the same room as Fido when getting groomed (too much of a distraction) with us you can actually watch the entire groom using our proprietary camera system. Yep that's right, you can sit drinking tequila in the comfort of your own home or office and see what is actually happening in our trailer real-time as your dog is being groomed.

get a visit from  the Wuff Mobile

It is super convenient for you and your dog to have the Wuff Mobile come out. Take a look for yourself, there are many benefits to mobile dog grooming as we list out a few. Want a visit from the Wuff Mobile? No problem, we can easily schedule a time for a pet groomer to come out whether it is to your home, office or wherever is most convenient for you and your dog.


Best to give us a call.  You will talk with a live local person, not someone you can hardly understand in another country.  Yep, a live person who will be happy to answer all your questions while asking you for some details about your pet.  And of course schedule your next dog grooming session. Bam, it's that easy!


Dog Needs a Bath From The Wuff Mobile
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